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Donate To A Fund

  Donate Community Grants Fund
Established by Dennis and Roberta DeVetter to support the Foundation’s Community Grants program.
Donate Forever Fund
Donations to the Forever Fund support the Marshfield Area Community Foundation in continuing its mission of "Connecting people who care to the causes that matter to enrich the quality of life in the Marshfield Area" for years to come.
  Donate Jerry and Rita Heinzen and Family Fund
Established to support the Marshfield Area Community Foundation’s Community Grants program.
Donate LuCille Tack Center for the Arts Fund
Donate Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Endowment Fund
The Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Endowment fund was established to create a lasting endowment which can grow over time to ensure MAPS will be supported.
Donate Rotary Winter Wonderland Foundation
Established by Rotary of Marshfield with the help of generous donations of the Marshfield Community. It ensures that the Rotary Lights Winter Wonderland will continue every year for the community to enjoy.
Donate Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center-HSA Fund
To help build a child study laboratory and day care center at Marshfield High School. It is to be designed as a laboratory/clinical site primarily for Marshfield High School students preparing for careers in child care.
Donate United Way Endowment Fund
Donate American Legion Post 54 Endowment Fund
Donate Binning Children and Fire Safety Fund
Established by Bernard & Marcie Binning to benefit the Juvenile Firesetters Program of the Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department by providing funds for the purchase of teaching aids and materials.
  Donate Biology Department of Columbus High School Endowment Fund
A designated fund established in the will of Mr. Hintz, this fund helps pay for the purchase of supplies, materials, and equipment for the biology department of Columbus Catholic High School.
Donate Carol J Tomke Fund
This fund was established by Carol Tomke to support the Joseph & Bernadine Weber Nature Park which was developed by her parents.
  Donate Catholic Parishes Fund (Combined Funds of Corpus Christi & Sacred Heart Parishes)
To support the missions & operations of the Corpus Christi Parish of Bakerville and the Sacred Heart Parish of Marshfield.
Donate Central Chamber Chorale Endowment Fund
  Donate Columbus High School Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate Elma J. Lanterman Endowment Fund
Providing grants to the University Center Foundation for the benefit of the UWSP-Marshfield Campus Community Players. Ms Lanterman had a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry. She worked as a research chemist from 1951-1982.
  Donate G. Stanley Custer First Presbyterian Church
This fund was developed to help benefit First Presbyterian Church in Marshfield, WI with an annual contribution to the church.
  Donate G. Stanley Custer Marshfield Historical Preservation Fund
Established in the will of Stanley & Violet Custer that supports the work of the Marshfield Historic Preservation Assoc.
Donate Hamus Charities
Donate Hamus Our Lady of Peace Fund
Donate Hamus Park Fund
This fund began as a community supported project specific fund that helped defray the costs of infrastructure development and amenities for a new public park on Marshfield’s north side. In 2010 this fund became a designated fund.
Donate Hardacre Park Refresh and Renew Fund
Provides maintenance for Hardacre Park murals and other special touches.
  Donate Harlan D. & Laurel A. Clements Fund
To support the Community Grants, Forever Fund, and Marshfield Area Friends of the Trail.
Donate Immanuel Lutheran School Fund
Established by anonymous donors to support the school’s technology education curriculum.
  Donate Jim and Sheryl Bartelt Fund
Created to support local non-profits and the Marshfield Area Community Foundation by Jim and Sheryl Bartelt.
Donate John Harrington Designated Fund for St. Vincent DePaul
Donate John Harrington Designated Fund for United Way
Donate John Harrington Fund Designated Fund for MAFT
Donate John Harrington Fund for Wesley Methodist Church
Donate John Harrington Fund to Support the Ski Touring Association of Marshfield Designated Fund
  Donate John & Marjorie O'Reilly Memorial Fund
Established by John and Marjorie O’Reilly’s three daughters, this designated fund provides funding to Mary’s Place Boarding House and to Youth Net, a Marshfield Area Youth Development Initiative Program of the Center for Community Outreach, Marshfield Clinic
  Donate John P. and Dr. Margaret Ives Leonard Fund
Margaret Leonard, a long time teacher at U.W. Marshfield/Wood County, established this fund in memory of her husband. Grants from the fund support U.W. Marshfield’s chemistry department.
  Donate Joseph & Bernadine Weber Nature Park
This fund was created by Bernadine Weber to benefit the beautification of Weber Nature Park in Marshfield, WI.
  Donate Kroll Designated Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Kroll established this fund to benefit OLP Church.
  Donate Leonard E. Hartl Fund
Assists with operating costs of St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Auburndale.
Donate Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Designated
This MAPS fund was developed to give the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter an annual disbursement to help cover costs of running the shelter.
  Donate Marshfield School District Education Foundation
Donate North Wood County Historical Governor Upham House
Established to benefit the Governor Upham House and activities
  Donate Paul and JoAnn Schreiner Designated Fund For OLP Building and Grounds
Created by Paul & Joanne Schreiner to benefit the buildings and grounds of their OLP Parish.
  Donate Ronald and Ellen Maurer Legacy Fund
Donate St. John the Baptist Parish Fund (Melvin Hintz)
Helps to defray general expenses of St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish in Marshfield
  Donate The Bette Schloesser Youth Net Fund
A unique program was created to build confidence and competence, provide structure, supervision, and mentoring, and extend an invitation to belong in the community. The program later became a model in our state. Betty felt the intentions of Youth Net serve to coach the next generation of our village. She was honored to be a member of the team who work toward this worthy cause.
Donate The Margaret B. King Habitat for Humanity Fund
Established by Margaret B. King, this fund benefits partner families through the purchase of building materials and/or real estate for the construction of single family residences constructed by the Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
  Donate Weber Family Fund
Established by Mary Pat (Weber) Swamy, is both a designated and an unrestricted fund. The designated half of the proceeds benefits the Personal Development Center. The other half benefits the Foundation’s Community Grants program.
Donate YMCA Endowment Fund for Seniors
Established as a bequest of Gladys Chronquist, this designated fund is used to support various programs for senior citizens at the Marshfield YMCA
Donor Advised
  Donate ACE Academy Fund
This fund was established in 2007 as a Project Specific Fund and became a Donor Advised Fund in 2009 to support the ACE Program with Marshfield Public Schools.
  Donate Amy and Al Nystrom Family Charitable Giving Fund
  Donate Bill and Sue Heiting Donor Advised Fund
Donate Bill & Pat Reigel Fund
  Donate Bokern Academic Leadership Fund
Established by Jim and Emily Bokern to sustain and grow the legacy of educational leadership and academic excellence at Marshfield Public Schools.
Donate Catherine, Lawrence, & Mary Stanley DA Fund
Donate Chestnut Center for the Arts Fund
Donate Chris Boyer Memorial Fund
In memory of Chris (Sporty) Boyer, fund supports efforts to emphasize awareness of depression and suicide.
Donate Dannie and Lorraine LaGrander Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Dehn Family DA Fund
  Donate Dennis & Roberta DeVetter Fund
Dennis & Roberta created their donor advised fund to help support community needs in the Marshfield Area.
  Donate Ed and Deb Englehart Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Gary and Patti David Donor Advised Fund
Donate Goodwill Industries NCW Opportunity Fund
Donate Hamus Donor Advised Fund
Established by Floyd & Pat Hamus to support charitable organizations.
  Donate Jerry and Carol Spindler Fund
  Donate Joseph A. Lang Fund
Helps a broad range of community causes recommended by the family of the original donor, Joe Lang. Mr. Lang was among the founders of the Marshfield Area Community Foundation.
  Donate Keith Kulas Donor Advised Fund
Donate Mark and Rosemarie Weber Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Marshfield Education Fund
Established by Frances Bohon, to support educational efforts of the School District of Marshfield.
Donate Marshfield Tennis NOW Fund
This fund began to build a complex of community tennis courts and support on-going costs of the tennis complex.
Donate Marshfield Tiger Hockey Blueline Club Fund
  Donate Michael & Anne Schmidt DA Fund
Donate Michael A Tauschek Fund
  Donate Mitten DA Fund
Established by Bill & Amber Mitten to support the Marshfield area.
  Donate N. Jean & Ray Fait
This fund was created by Jean & Ray Fait to support the Marshfield community and specifically their love of animals.
Donate N.O.W. for United Way
This fund support the N.O.W. (Nutrition on Weekends) program with Marshfield Area United Way.
  Donate Paul and JoAnn Schreiner DA Fund
  Donate Richard and Beverly Olson Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Rick and Nancy Merkel Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Robert Poehnelt Donor Advised Fund
Established to support St. John’s Parish, St. John’s Catholic School, & Columbus High School as a legacy fund.
  Donate Ron and Ellen Maurer Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Staab Donor Advised
This is a corporate fund that is an important source of support for the annual giving program of Staab Construction Corporation.
  Donate Sue Harrington Fund
  Donate Terry and Allean Frankland Trust Fund
  Donate Toyama Family Fund
Donate Woodlands Preservation Fund
To support maintenance and site improvement projects at the Arboretum.
Field of Interest
  Donate Bonnie Jean Fund for Children in Need
This fund was developed to assist with emerging needs for youth in the Marshfield Area.
  Donate Catherine, Lawrence, & Mary Stanley Fund
  Donate Cole Family Music Fund
Established by Carla Cole Stebbins to honor her family's contribution to music within the Marshfield community. Supporting music programs and musical organizations within the Marshfield area.
Donate Graham Olson Youth Baseball Fund
This fund recognizes the many years Graham Olson committed to youth baseball in Marshfield. His dedication to youth baseball was a large contributor to the success of youth baseball in Marshfield. This fund supports Marshfield Youth baseball and its ongoing success.
Donate Greg & Sally Rindfleisch Performing Arts Fund
This fund seeks to provide general support for the performing arts in the Marshfield area. Greg Rindfleisch, with considerable support from his wife Sally, established a thriving university and community theater program in Marshfield. Friends, colleagues, and admirers of Mr. and Mrs. Rindfleisch wanted to honor their important contribution to the community by naming this fund after them.
  Donate Marsh 21 Fund
This fund helped build the soccer fields at Griese Park & continues further development& maintenance.
  Donate Marshfield Area Friends of the Trail- Managed Fund
  Donate Marshfield Area Friends of the Trails Fund
Improves recreational trails in and around Marshfield.
  Donate Marshfield Area Parks and Trails Enhancement Fund
  Donate Marshfield History Project Fund
Initially established with the Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation as the Marshfield History Project, the original fund made possible the publication of the Marshfield History Book. It was transferred to the Marshfield Area Community Foundation in 1997 and now supports Community Grants and the Foundation’s operating expenses.
Donate Novy Family Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity Fund
Roberta and Dennis DeVetter established this fund to support local Habitat activities
  Donate Racial Equity
To promote educational activities, primarily in the school system's K-12 grade levels that address racism & understanding how race and implicit bias shaper who we are, how we interact with society, and the opportunities afforded to us throughout life.
  Donate Senior Citizens’ Endowment Fund
Established as a bequest of Gladys Chronquist and is intended to serve as a vehicle to benefit senior citizens of the Marshfield area.
  Donate Women’s Giving Circle Fund
This donor advised fund was established to support women and children in the Marshfield Area.
Fiscal Sponsorship
Donate Community Gardens Project
Donate Marshfield Area Cultural Fair Fund
Donate Marshfield Monarchs
Marshfield Monarchs was created by a group passionate about increasing the monarch population which has a lasting impact on our environment. Almost 9,000 monarchs have been released.
  Donate Marshfield Refugee Resettelment
This fund has been created so support the efforts of the Marshfield Refugee Resettlement Teams preparing to assist people moving to Marshfield as part of the Refugee Resettlement program. Funds will support housing, utilities, health care, and travel as well as other costs which may arise .
Donate Pittsville Education Foundation
This fund was established to provide scholarships specific to students of Pittsville High School.
  Donate School Based Mental Health Consortium Mfld Public Schools
Project Specific
  Donate Friends of Jurustic Park
The Friends of Jurustic Park project specific fund has been created to support the efforts of keeping Jurustic Park in the Marshfield Area. The Wynia's will work with the Friends of Jurustic Park over time to ensure the statues will have a permanent place in Marshfield.
  Donate Healthy Lifestyles Physical Activity Fund
Donate Keep Kids Warm Fund
Keep Kids Warm is a fund overseen by the Marshfield Area Community Foundation and greatly supported by the Marshfield area. An annual event, Keep Kids Warm, provides new coats, hats, and mittens to area school age children in need of winter clothing.
  Donate Marshfield Area Baseball Association Fund
The Marshfield Area Baseball Association created a fund to help support baseball in the Marshfield area.
  Donate Marshfield Area Kids Enrichment Fund
Established as a project specific fund to provide enrichment opportunities to students throughout the Marshfield area.
  Donate Marshfield Community Athletic Facilities Capital Improvement Fund
The fund was established to accept donations for building and renovating athletic facilities in the School District of Marshfield
Donate Marshfield Dog Park Fund
A project specific fund, the Marshfield Dog Park Fund benefits efforts to construct and maintain a dog park in Marshfield, which is overseen by the organization “Friends of the Marshfield Dog Park”.
Donate Marshfield Outdoor Aquatic Center Fund
The Marshfield Outdoor Aquatic Center Committee's goal is to provide a state-of-the-art public, outdoor aquatic center that enhances health, fitness, water safety, and recreational opportunities in Marshfield.
Donate Marshfield Outdoor Learning Sanctuary Fund
Supports an outdoor learning environment at Marshfield High School which fosters experiential learning opportunities
  Donate Miller Park Fund
Established by Marsh-21 to enhance the youth ballparks adjacent to Hackman Field.
  Donate Post 54 Cabin Fund
This project specific fund was started by Post 54 American Legion of Marshfield, WI. They are raising funds to build a new cabin in Minoqua for veterans.
  Donate Stock the Shelves Fund
Established by the Marshfield News Herald as a way to collect funds in support of local food banks.
  Donate Student Council Partnership Fund (MHS)
The Marshfield High School Student Council created a fund in partnership with MACF to help fund student needs at MHS.
Donate Veteran's Flag Project
This project salutes veterans in the Marshfield area. Donations are made in memory or honor of local residents who served in the military. Flags honoring each veteran will be viewed along the “boulevard” starting in 2018.
Donate Veteran's Wall of Honor
Project Specific Fund to raise money to put up a Veteran's Wall of Honor at the Marshfield Community Center to honor Marshfield veteran's who have passed away.
Donate Wildwood Zoo Capital Improvement Fund
This fund was established to support a Capital improvements at Wildwood Zoo.
  Donate Adolph A. Vorba Memorial Scholarship
Beverly and Marvin graduated from MHS in 1960 & 1957 respectfully. Their experience with a teacher, Adolph A. Vorba, was so memorable that they have created a memorial scholarship in his honor.
Donate Alec Salamonski Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Alec Salamonski’s parents as a memorial to their son who was killed by a distracted driver in November of 2006. Alec was active in Skills USA, Youth Apprenticeship, Computer Sciences, and a 2005 graduate of Marshfield H.S. Alec was employed as a computer technician. As a high school senior, he represented WI at the National Skills USA Competition in Kansas City in Computer Maintenance. He had a lighthearted sense of humor and unforgettable smile. Preference will be given to those who participated in these activities and pursuing a computer-related field.
  Donate Alex and Geraldine Piotrowski Scholarship Fund
Established by Geraldine Piotrowski to benefit a student from Pittsville High School who has shown an aptitude for higher learning and involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  Donate Altrusa International of Marshfield Scholarship Fund
The Altrusa International Club of Marshfield has established a scholarship for non-traditional students from the Marshfield area.
  Donate Anne V. Adler Nursing Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established in Anne Adler's estate to benefit a nursing student in the school of Nursing at UW-Eau Claire or has graduated from UWSP at Marshfield or Mid State Technical College and is doing her internship at Marshfield Clinic Health Systems or a student from Marshfield who went to UW Eau Claire Nursing program and returns to Marshfield to do an internship at MCHS. Financial need may be considered. This scholarship may be renewed once.
  Donate Arlan and Priscilla Ferch Theater Scholarship Fund
Arlan and Priscilla Ferch created this scholarship for students attending UW Stevens Point at Marshfield with a preference for those studying theater. Renewable for 1 year.
  Donate Bill Burnham Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was set up by James Bokern as a memorial for his stepson, Bill Burnham. This scholarship is for a graduating senior of Marshfield High School recognized for perseverance and scholarship while overcoming challenges.
  Donate Bobbie Karlen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bobbie, a 1970 graduate of Greenwood High School. She then attended the U.W. Eau Claire where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. She later obtained her Masters degree in education from the U.W. Stevens Point. Employed by the Marshfield School System from 1976 until her retirement in 2008. During her years in Marshfield she taught at Marshfield Junior High from 1976 until 1994, and then at Marshfield Senior High from 1994 until 2007.
  Donate Central Wisconsin Cheesemaker & Buttermakers Association Scholarship Fund
Set up by the Central Wisconsin Cheese & Butter Makers provide scholarships for their employee's families and vendors. The funder would prefer this scholarship be given to students pursuing a degree in dairy science, food science or a related degree. Financial need will be considered. Scholarship can be renewed for an additional year by resubmitting application.
  Donate Children's Future Fund
This Field of Interest Fund was developed by the Marshfield Area Community Foundation to serve as a place where donors can support many different programs which serve to improve the lives of children in our area.
  Donate Cliver Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bill Mitten established this fund to honor his Uncle and Aunt - the Clivers. They made a lasting impact on Bill. They both lived and worked in Marshfield. This scholarship is for a great student from Columbus Catholic Schools.
Donate Daniel Kummer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dan had a passion for photography/videography. He did work in media directing and producing. He won awards through the Wisconsin Community Media Board for his work taping Marshfield Tigers Football.
Donate David and Waleen Storm Scholarship Fund
Established by the Storms who had long careers in the medical field. They see this scholarship as a way to give back & help students pursuing medical careers. The student must be going to a university in the University of Wisconsin system. Financial need will be considered. This scholarship can be renewed an additional 3 years.
  Donate David L. MacArthur Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Carla MacArthur as a memorial to her husband who died in a hunting accident. He was a phy-ed teacher at Colby and she is a FACE teacher at MHS. Preference is given to applicants involved in a high school basketball program and expressing the intention of pursuing a program of study toward a degree in physical education or another sports-related field.
  Donate David Wagner Scholarship Fund
Established by Mrs. Wagner as a memorial to her husband who was a guidance counselor at MHS for students with financial need who have demonstrated an extraordinary determination to succeed. This scholarship can be renewed an additional 4 years.
  Donate D. Dale and Mary Jane Seif Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established by Marilyn Workinger to honor her aunt and uncle who owned a farm implement dealership in Neilsville.
Donate Deidre Week Scholarship for Pittsville
Memorial scholarship established by the family of Deidre Week. Must have a GPA of 3.2, participated in extra-curricular activities and be going to a technical school or pursuing criminal justice.
  Donate Dorothy and Alex B. Knox Fund
Established by Alex Knox for students of exceptional academic merit.
  Donate Dorothy A. Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Olson set up this fund as a way to help students continue their education. She and her husband retired in Marshfield and were active community members. Preference for this scholarship would be for a student going into healthcare or the trades.
Donate Dr. Roger Van Der Vorste Fund
Established by Mrs. Van Der Vorste as a memorial to her husband who was a dentist. Renewable for 1 year.
  Donate Dr. Russell F. Lewis Memorial Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
The Family of Dr. Russel F. Lewis established this scholarship for a student-athlete as a memorial to Dr. Lewis.
Donate Ebbe Scholarship Fund
Jean's interest in art started in Marshfield during grade school and blossomed her junior and senior years of high school. Jean majored in art at the U.W.-Madison. This scholarship is given in the spirit of Jean's passion for doing art. MHS class of 1953.
Donate Fore Bill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Pat Allen as a memorial to her husband, Bill, who was a very active community volunteer who loved music.This scholarship prefers to support students pursuing music, business, finance, marketing, healthcare or a medically related field and have financial need.
  Donate Foster Will Memorial Scholarship Fund
Foster Will established this scholarship for a student at Owen-Withee High School who has been accepted at an accredited University or Technical School. The applicant will be judged on academic performance, performance on tests designed to measure ability and aptitude for higher education, recommendations from instructors or other individuals not related to the potential recipient and conclusions drawn from a personal interview. This scholarship is renewable for 3 additional years.
  Donate Franson Scholarship Fund for Pittsville High School
This scholarship was established for a student who attended Pittsville High School for four years and will be pursuing a degree in a medical field, Recipients will be in the top 50% of their class and demonstrated a high degree of citizenship, academic performance, and was actively involved in volunteer work within the Pittsville Community.
  Donate Frautschy-Fredrick Legion Baseball Scholarship Fund
Established by Marshfield American Legion Baseball for an American Legion Baseball player.
  Donate Gordon and Faith Vine Scholarship Fund
Established by the Vine family with proceeds from the Christmas Tree Farm as a way to honor their parents. This scholarship can be renewed 3 additional years.
  Donate Grace A. Caliebe Scholarship Fund
Established in Grace Calibe's will for students from Greenwood pursuing a degree in health care, sciences, mathematics, or engineering. This scholarship can be renewed an additional 4 years.
  Donate Harrington Chemistry Scholarship
Chemistry Scholarship for a graduating senior, preferably female, from Marshfield Senior High School, Marshfield, WI.
  Donate Harry and Gladys Chronquist Family Scholarship Fund
Established as a bequest of Harry and Gladys Chronquist. This scholarship is for graduates of Marshfield High School planning to attend a university, technical college, or special school. Criteria include scholastic and/or talent and ability, financial need, and personality. The scholarship is renewable for one year.
  Donate H.G. “Pete” & Patrice LeGrand Sch Fund
Pat LeGrand, a founding board member of the Marshfield Foundation, established a scholarship for a non-traditional student.
  Donate International Studies Scholarship
This scholarship was created by the Marshfield Sister Cities group which will preferably assist a student pursuing a career in International Studies or World Language.
Donate Jacob Navarro Scholarship Fund
Established by the Navarro family as a memorial for Jacob who loved art and died in an ATV accident. For students expressing interest in an art related field. Financial need will be considered.
  Donate James Brasington Theater Scholarship Fund
Established as a memorial to James Brasington who loved theater but died too young in a car crash. This scholarship can be renewed 3 additional years.
  Donate James Francis Bokern Memorial Fund -Boy Scouts Campership Fund
  Donate James L Brost Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jerry R. Witt Scholarship in the Natural Sciences Fund
Jerry was valedictorian of the MHS class of 1953. He had a passion for teaching chemistry which he did for 37 yrs at Winona State. Jerry said, "Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Do something you love, & when you do, it will come through to your students". Jerry passed away in 2013 at the age of 78. Established in Jerry Witt's will, this scholarship is for students pursuing natural science careers such as chemistry, physics, forestry, geology, zoology, biochemistry, microbiology, astronomy, or biology. The student must be a graduating senior from MHS going to a public university. Financial need will be considered.
  Donate Jewell Educational Scholarship Fund
Donate John J. Irvine Scholarship Fund
Created by Beryl Irvine and family in memory John Irvine. Financial need is a significant factor in awarding this scholarship.
  Donate John & Marjorie O'Reilly Scholarship Fund
Established by the three daughters of the O'Reilly's to benefit a student who is going to UW Marshfield Stevens Point at Marshfield. Financial need will be considered.
  Donate Johnson Scholarship at Pittsville High School
Ray and Beryl Johnson Memorial Scholarship is for a senior attending Pittsville High School who has a cumulative grade point of 3.0 or better and is embarking on a career that involves working with children. It is not limited to education careers.
Donate Joseph and Bernadine Weber FFA Scholarship Fund
Established by Bernadine Weber and her children as a scholarship for those pursuing agriculture-related fields.
  Donate Kagel Scholarship Fund at Pittsville High School
Kagel Scholarship is for students demonstrating an interest and ability or proclivity in the fields of science and/or engineering. Academic ability and financial need will be considered.
  Donate Kathlyn C Bradle Memorial Scholarship for the Fine Arts
Donate Kim Shupe Memorial Fund
Established by the family of Kim Shupe as a memorial. Kim died way too young in a hiking accident in Alaska. Kim was a graduate of Marshfield High School where she excelled in softball. She was working with at-risk youth for Alaska Children's Services at the time of her death. The family prefers this to be given to a student with financial need.
  Donate Kramer Scholarship at Pittsville High School
Graduates of Pittsville High School are eligible for Kramer Scholarship if they have attended all four years at Pittsville High School and are in the top 50% of the class. Students will have demonstrated a high degree of citizenship and academic performance. This scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in education.
  Donate LaVerne R. Kohs Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established as a bequest of LaVerne Kohs. Student should be enrolling as a student at UW Stevens Point at Marshfield. Preference for those expressing a sincere desire to enter the health care field. The scholarship is renewable for 3 additional years. (Renewals take priority over new applications.)
  Donate Lil' Bullmobilers Snowmobile Club Scholarship for Pittsville High School
Established by the Lil' Bull Snowmobilers Club for a graduating Pittsville H.S. senior pursuing a degree in higher education. The successful applicant will have a GPA of 2.5 or above & demonstrated volunteer activities or service. Preference to current members of the club or directly related to a member of the club OR interested in outdoor winter activities.
  Donate Lloyd Crossman Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established as a bequest in Mr. Crossman's will. This scholarship for students going on to college is for students who are graduating from Marshfield, Spencer, Stratford or Auburndale schools and have participated in National Honor Society.
  Donate MacKinnon Family Scholarship
Created by the MacKinnon family in honor of Dr. MacKinnon who was a pioneer physician in Prentice, WI. This scholarship rotates each year from a student at MHS and a student at Prentice H.S.. Financial need will be considered. This scholarship will be awarded to students who are involved in extracurricular activities within the school and active in service to the community.
Donate Margaret Quirt Heck Chapter A.J. P.E.O. Scholarship Fund
Established by Bob Heck as a memorial to his wife Margaret Quirt Heck. Scholarship to be awarded to a non-traditional female student going back to school in a tech or 4 year degree program.
Donate Marilyn Hardacre Fund
Established to honor Marilyn Hardacre when she retired from MACCI. The scholarships for Columbus and MHS are for someone pursuing a degree in political science or public administration and has participated in the school to work program at MHS, for MHS students.
  Donate Marshfield High School Senior Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established by Jamie Sachs with money from senior class funds to establish a scholarship for students enrolled in the special ed. program at MHS. Financial need will be considered.
Donate Marshfield High School Troy Schmitt Scholarship Fund
Established by Jim Bokern and MHS staff members as a memorial to a fellow teacher at MHS who died in a tragic accident. Troy Schmitt was the NHS advisor and an AP Government teacher. The successful applicant must be: A graduating senior from Marshfield High School who best meets these criteria: - Illustrates a strong work ethic with attention to detail. - Successfully engages in rigorous coursework like Advanced Placement - Is a well-balanced student who is professional. - Dedicated to the mission of service, via student council, and/or church, and/ or community service. - Possesses a sense of humor and a flair for making work fun. - Respectful of teachers and his/her peers. - May have an interest in majoring in education and/or government. - May have need due to financial and/or personal challenges.
Donate Marshfield Lions Club, Edward W. Heller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward Heller was the former editor of the Marshfield News-Herald and a Lion's Club member. This scholarship was set up as a memorial to him. This was created for a junior or senior in college pursuing a major in journalism or communication. Special consideration will be given to graduate students.
  Donate McGivern/Van de Loo Scholarship Fund
  Donate Melvin H. & Ruth J. Schmidt Fund
Established for a graduating senior or nontraditional student from Stratford High School pursuing a degree in a health related field. Renewable for 1 year.
Donate Mick Schier Memorial Fund
This scholarship is for people needing financial assistance to complete flight school. Mick was a flight instructor at Marshfield Municipal Airport and loved sharing his passion for flying.
  Donate Milton A. Krom Scholarship Trust Fund
Established through an estate of Milton Krom for Owen-Withee High School students with a preference given to students pursuing a degree in pharmacy. The student must participate in extracurricular activities, have financial need, scholastic ability and achievements.
  Donate Miss Pavlik My Favorite Teacher Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school student from Pittsville H.S. with a preference to a student pursuing a degree in elementary education or the visual arts.
  Donate Neal & Melania Kruse Family Scholarship Fund
Established by Tom and Mary (Kruse) Karau. to benefit a graduating student at Turkey Valley Community School in Jackson Junction, Iowa, and a member of St. Lukes Parish in St. Lucas, Iowa.
  Donate Norbert H. & Joan LaSee Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was established to promote the technical trades and encourage students to pursue a degree in these fields. Renewable for 2 additional years.
  Donate Norm-E-Lane Scholarship Fund
The Meissner family established this scholarship for an FFA student with a career goal of production agriculture.
  Donate Paul and JoAnn Schreiner Scholarship Fund
Paul and Joann Schreiner established scholarships at MHS and Columbus H.S. for students pursuing a technical/trades degree.
  Donate Ptacek Scholarship Fund
This scholarship established by Louis and Betty Ptacek for a student at Marquette University. Recipient should be a Marshfield area resident, residing within a 15-mile radius of the city of Marshfield; scheduled to be enrolled as an undergraduate on a full-time basis at Marquette University; G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher; definite financial need as determined by the financial aid office of Marquette University. The scholarship is renewable for 3 additional years.
Donate Ralph & Diane Mueller Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Ralph & Diane Mueller to benefit a student from the Marshfield service area. It was designed to benefit a student pursuing a degree in Humanities or Science. This is a renewable scholarship for an additional 3 years. High School graduates, college grad students, and nontraditional students are encouraged to apply.
Donate Randy Malueg Memorial Scholarship
Randy came from a family farm background. He was the oldest child of four and was the first to attend and graduate college. I know education was important to him and he was very proud that his girls followed after him. Randy also believed in giving back to the community. Marion High School was his alma mater and his children were raised in the Marshfield area so this fund is giving students in the Marion area a chance to further their education as well promoting Marshfield by funding the scholarship through MACFI.
  Donate Sarah Grace & Emma Louise Anderson Memorial Dance Scholarship Fund
  Donate Severns Scholarship Fund at Pittsville High School
This scholarship is for a Pittsville student pursuing a degree in higher education who has demonstrated leadership skills, academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, and community service who has demonstrated financial need
  Donate Staab Construction Scholarship Fund
This scholarship was created by the Staab Corporation to encourage students to go into construction management and other construction-related fields.
Donate Stars & Stripes Forever
This fund was developed to support the annual Pittsville 4th of July fireworks. This fund will help ensure this event continues to be celebrated each year with the support of the community.
  Donate Swanson Scholarship Fund
Gertrude Swanson was a beloved English teacher at Marshfield High School. Established for students pursuing a career in the field of education.
  Donate Terry & Allean Frankland Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Terry & Allean Frankland to support students going into a career in the automotive/trucking industry such as a diesel mechanic. Their goal is to encourage Marshfield Area residents to get the necessary training and hopefully stay in the Marshfield area when they have completed their training.
  Donate The Rosamund Victoria Adler Scholarship Fund
Established by Anne & Bette Adler (founders of the Marshfield Area Community Foundation) in honor of their mother. for Lawrence University students who are enrolled in the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. Preference will be given to female Lawrence University students. Further preference will be given to students from the Marshfield area or from Wisconsin. Financial need is a requirement. The scholarship is renewable for an additional 3 years.
  Donate Tom Drendel Scholarship Fund
  Donate Verna Lueck Scholorship Fund
Established by Verna Lueck in her estate to establish a scholarship for students who want to become elementary teachers.
  Donate VFW Scholarship- Pittsville
Pittsville VFW Scholarship is for a senior at Pittsville High School pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited school, technical school or university. Student should have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. Priority is given to a student who is a child or grandchild of a Pittsville VFW member.
  Donate William and Betty Johnson Scholarship Fund
Other Funds